Change. Vision. Care


Hypnotic Salon Spa opened in 2008 by the dream of two ambitious Massage Therapists. Susan and Lori wanted to conquer their dream of becoming entrepreneurs while still doing what they love.....massage! The hair and skin care line of Aveda is what they desired to use on guests and sell as retail. Aveda has been supportive and informative through all the set-up, learning curve and changes that were experienced over the years. Hypnotic is a one-stop shop for three service industries. There is a hair salon, spa side, and massage therapy. After almost a dozen years together, Susan decided to retire as an owner. They had many wonderful memories together with some entrepreneurial battles of the heads along the way. What can they say, they are stubborn and driven ladies! Lori took the leap and decided to run the business on her own. It was a mix of emotions to the start of 2020 taking on Hypnotic solo, as she called it...a monster! Three services industries and a team of strong and talented individuals was a powerful entity to rule. Spring of 2020, enter Covid. Hypnotic was shut down (along with half the world it seemed) with so many unknowns. Beginning of summer, Hypnotic was open again. Yay! The excitement from the staff and guests was so overwhelming and warmed the heart. It was still a tough summer of many cancellations and guests/people uncertain to go anywhere. The staff looked forward to the fall and year-end when business flourishes!! Enter again.....Covid. Depression and anxiety took over the salon, front desk and estheticians. Massage Therapy was deemed essential so the Massage Therapists dug their heels in and worked their butts off to keep Hypnotic alive. Late winter of 2021, all three services opened up again. With Covid nipping at everyone's heels, it was many cancellations and uncertainties of booking services again. As the fall approached, many small business closed. Hypnotic's team of angels kept working hard. Hypnotic made it to 2022 and faces challenges everyday. Many obstacles of weather, roads, sickness and never ending bills forever linger. Lori and her team would like to thank each and every guest who grace Hypnotic with their beautiful faces and continued support. It is YOU who make our dreams come true!!